Our Qualified Team Makes Dryer Vent Cleaning & Repair Services a Breeze

If you own a home, then you likely have an internal checklist of things that regularly need to be done. Some of the more basic cleaning tasks are probably done often, like daily or weekly, but it’s the monthly, semi-annual, and annual types of maintenance that can be harder to keep track of.

Fortunately for folks in Skiatook and other areas nearby, our team is here to help with some of these services.

There’s one appliance that many put to use a lot, but that seems to be overlooked in terms of maintenance — the clothes dryer. If you don’t remember the last time you had your dryer vents professionally cleaned out, then you are not alone. Fortunately, our NADCA-certified team is here to help you get — and keep — your dryer vents cleaned. So you can enjoy a safer home and a longer-lasting appliance.

How Often Should I Invest in Dryer Vent Cleanings?

Dryer vent cleanings are recommended annually. As with most appliances, the more you service it, the better it will function. So be sure to add professional dryer vent cleaning services to your list of yearly maintenance requirements.

All it takes is a quick phone call to our team, and we can take it from there. You deserve a safer, more efficient appliance, so don’t put these services off. This simple investment can save you a great deal of money in the long run. So get in touch today.

Dryer Vent before cleaning absolutely full of lint

Before Cleaning

Dryer Vent after cleaning - brush still vent and no sign of lint

After Cleaning

Why Is This Service so Important?

Why is dryer vent cleaning and repair such an important thing for our customers to invest in? Well, there are few reasons that really stand out.

  1. Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Exposure: Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that causes symptoms like nausea, dizziness, chest pain, headaches, weakness, and more. In greater quantities, carbon monoxide can be fatal. Unfortunately, because the gas is so hard to detect, multiple carbon monoxide-related deaths occur every year. How are dirty dryer vents related to carbon monoxide? Well, when your appliance isn’t able to vent carbon monoxide outside because of blocked or dirty vents, it can come back into your home. Which is why scheduling annual dryer vent cleanings are so important for each household. We’re here to offer our loyal customers the reassurance they deserve.
  2. Minimizing The Risk Of Dryer Fires: Another threat that comes with dirty vents is the increased risk of experiencing a dryer fire. In fact, hundreds of injuries, as well as multiple deaths, occur every year from dryer vent fires. Along with the risk of injury and possibly death, dryer fires also cause a lot of damage to your home. You may need to invest in new appliances and a lot of remodeling work to get things back to normal. In the end, the money you spend will far surpass the cost of a professional dryer vent cleaning. Fortunately, an easy way to avoid these dangers is to simply get that cleaning on your calendar. Calling in our experienced crew is the right move to make. Once we’re through, the sense of relief you’ll gain is priceless.
  3. Enhancing Efficiency: Finally, dryer vent cleaning services help your dryer stay functioning optimally for a longer period of time. Appliances aren’t cheap, and if you splurged for a good one, you want it to last as long as it could and should. It just takes an afternoon with our team to keep its efficiency levels high. And speaking of efficiency, who wants to waste money running their dryer over and over? If you’re finding yourself forced to run your dryer multiple times to get your clothes dry, a dryer vent cleaning may be able to help reduce dry times and energy bills.

All in all, a thorough cleaning is always better for your budget than buying an entirely new appliance. Combine that savings with lower energy bills each month, and you can’t lose!

Want Shorter Dry Times & Lower Utilities? Just Give Us a Call

The sooner your dryer vents are cleared of flammable lint and other forms of buildup, the sooner you can start enjoying a safer, more efficient dryer. Count on a team you can trust in for the long haul, by giving Comfort Class a call at 918-395-8396. You can also reach out to us through our website.

We’re here to offer the convenience, peace of mind, and satisfaction you’ve been searching for.

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