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You will find that the affordable prices we charge are very reasonable and competitive for the Skiatook area.


Beware the Low-Ball Price!

Beware being tempted by the “too good to be true” offers or discounts you often hear about. Why put yourself and your family at risk by inviting a less than qualified contractor to work in your home.

Beware fly by night contractors that:

  • are not licensed
  • carry no workers’ compensation or liability insurance
  • offer no guarantees
  • are not certified or trained, and have little or no experience
  • operate out of a van, with substandard equipment and parts
  • only offer these low offers to get in the door. Once there, all of a sudden they’ll discover a world of urgent problems that you have to get fixed right away!

When it comes to your how and family safety and peace of mind, also go with an established contractor who has a local reputation for offering quality products and service. Educate yourself and remember that you get what you pay for and this holds especially true in this industry.

Always make sure the contractor you hire:

  • is licensed for the job
  • carries liability insurance
  • only uses top-quality parts and products
  • is trained, experienced and certified.

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