Our Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services Keep Your Business Safer, Cleaner & More Welcoming

Do you own or manage a business in Skiatook or somewhere in the surrounding area? Then, one thing we urge you to invest in is commercial air duct cleaning services. Dirty ducts can lead to lots of dangers and discomforts for your customers and employees, and we have the tools and expertise to get — and keep — them clean.

Stay safer, healthier, and happier by depending on Comfort Class for all of your commercial air duct cleaning needs.

How Did the Ducts Get so Dirty in the First Place?

In general, air ducts are exposed to a wide range of things — from dust mites and mold to pollen and pollutants. And if the filters and vents get dirty, added stress will be put on the HVAC unit.

In a commercial setting, this tends to happen more quickly. Why? Well, keeping up with all of the dust and environmental pollutants your loyal customers and hard-working employees continuously stir up can take its toll!

Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

Now, the main job of your HVAC system and air filter is to pull in this dirty air, then push clean air out, which isn’t hard for it to do when it’s regularly maintained. That being said, if the system is experiencing some neglect or hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then it will just cycle the dirty air in and push it right back out — which isn’t doing anyone any favors.

By having a professional air duct cleaning completed, you invite fresher, healthier air for anyone entering the building. Can’t beat that!

Our NADCA-Certified Experts Offer Higher Standards of Service, Centered Around You

The team at Comfort Class is NADCA-certified, so when it comes to providing fast, efficient, high-quality results, we never disappoint. NADCA believes in customer safety and ethical practices. It’s why they hold their members to higher standards and require them to follow stricter processes and customer-centric practices. We’re proud to be NADCA members because we share the same values and beliefs about what our customers deserve and how the job should be done.

Here are some things you can expect from our experts when on the job:

  • Mess-Free Service: We have HEPA vacuums, drop cloths, and equipment that’s proven to safely work together to ensure even the tiniest dust particles don’t get released back into your commercial space. That means when we’re done, you won’t be scrambling to clean up after us. You can just breathe easy, knowing the job was done right and your space is clean.
  • Thoroughness: When we’re on the job, every vent and register is accounted for. And once they’re clean, we sanitize your ducts, so they’re fresh and ready to pump healthier air through your business.
  • Efficiency: We have the air duct cleaning process down to an art. Residents in Skiatook, Sperry, Ramona, and the neighboring areas have been counting on us since 2006. Rest assured, we know what we’re doing, and we can get it done quickly and efficiency, so you can get back to business.
  • Professionalism: You can expect nothing but respect and professionalism from our educated and courteous techs! This also means that if you have questions, we encourage you to ask. The more you know, the safer you can keep your business.

Is Comfort Class Able to Come After Hours, Once My Customers or Employees Have Left for the Day?

We get that some businesses simply cannot operate when outside technicians are in the space. If you need us to come after you’re closed, we can arrange that. We do everything we can to ensure we are out of the way and keeping our clients and their teams and customers as comfortable as possible. However, if it just won’t work, let us know. We’d be happy to come at a time that works better for your business.

And keep in mind that we specialize in all types of ductwork systems, so we’re suited to serve just about any type of commercial building in the area. Whether it’s a school, restaurant, church, office building, or something else, we’re sure we can tackle the job.

Still not sure we’d be able to help? Just give us a call! We’re almost certain we’ll be able to get you where you need to be.

Get the Clean Air Your Business Deserves With Our Certified, Licensed & Insured Crew Today

Hiring a crew that doesn’t know what they’re doing and can’t prove the effectiveness of their work could leave you shelling out money only to have the same problems persist over and over again. You deserve better.

When you hire us, you get peace of mind and reassurance that things will get done right the first time. So call our team at 918-395-8396 or request an appointment through our online form. We’re the team to trust – reach out now.


You can rely on our residential air duct cleaning crews to take care of all your air duct cleaning requirements at home.