5 Reasons You Need Glass Doors On Your Fireplace

Advantages of Fireplace Glass DoorsAre you interested in turning that old traditional fireplace into something that looks good and can help you to save on money? One extremely cost-effective way to change up your fireplace is by adding glass doors. The glass doors provide many excellent benefits and also add to the beauty of your fireplace. Listed below are five benefits to having glass doors installed on your fireplace.

1 – Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Do you feel like your heating and cooling bill is shooting through the roof? That’s because every year the utility companies bump up the price of electricity. Installing glass doors on your fireplace helps to cut this cost. A traditional fireplace allows too much air to escape in the summertime and cold air continuously flows in during those cold winter months. The glass doors help to stop this air flow. It’s like being able to close a window that has been open constantly. Installing these glass doors is extremely energy efficient because they stop the constant flow of air. Heat stays out in the summertime while the cold air stays in. Your house will trap more heat inside in the winter time while continuing to block the cold air out, reducing your heating and cooling bills.

2– Better Heating Efficiency

Many people with a traditional fireplace who now have glass doors say it brings true beauty to a home. Some experts even say that up to 20% of the heat from the fireplace still enters the home. Others say that installing the glass doors can actually triple the amount of heat emerging from the fireplace. You may think that having the glass doors installed blocks the heat. In reality, the heat just radiates through the doors.

3 – Increased Home Safety

Having the glass doors on the fireplace can help to prevent your children and even your pets from accidently getting into the fire. You should also explain to your children the dangers of touching the glass when the fireplace is going. The glass doors can and will get very hot, therefore no one should touch the glass, especially your kids. You may place a protective screen in front of the fireplace to keep your children and infants from getting burned.

The glass doors also provide a barrier to keep everything in as well as out. Sparks pop off of the burning logs and embers get sent flying from the fireplace. This can cause someone to easily get burned or even set your furniture on fire. Installing the glass doors keeps the sparks and embers inside the fireplace. Burning logs start to shift after the fire dies down and the ash starts to set in. The glass doors also help to keep these shifting logs inside the fireplace and away from your family, pets and furniture.

If the sparks or stray logs get out of the fire, major damage can be done even if no fire occurs outside of the fireplace. Your furniture and your flooring can get damaged by burn holes and burn marks from the sparks popping onto the floor. All floorings such as linoleum, tiles, wood and even your carpet can be damaged beyond repair. The glass doors can prevent any of this from happening inside of your home.

4 – Updated Look

No matter what style furniture you have or how you’ve decorated your home, there is a set of perfect glass doors just waiting to fit into your home. You will have a large variety of glass door designs to pick from, including fireplace doors with decorative glass. These doors can bring a more beautiful look to your home, keeping ashes, sparks and embers inside the fireplace where they belong.

5 – Back Draft Protection

Installing these glass doors to your fireplace also helps to reduce and even eliminate the downdrafts that cause smoke to blow into your home. You can breath easier when setting a fire, know that you won’t have to breath in all that smoke.

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