Chimney Sweep Cleaning

Providing Tulsa homeowners with professional and affordable chimney sweep cleaning for over 10 years!

The Importance of a Clean Chimney Sweep

There’s no more important point of concern for the safety & performance of your fireplace than the chimney. A dirty chimney restricts the draw of air, reducing your fireplace’s ability to vent carbon monoxide to the outside of your home. Routine cleaning of your chimney will remove any buildup of cresote, greatly reducing the chances of a chimney fire that could spread to your house.

How C & C Air Services Cleans Your Chimney

C & C Air Services will start by laying a drop cloth in front of the fireplace and controlling the creosote dust and build-up with a commercial vacuum that is placed inside the firebox opening. The technician will then sweep the chimney flue and clean out the smoke chamber with chimney brushes to make sure that your chimney is up to code and fire safe.

Your chimney should be inspected and/or cleaned on an annual basis.

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